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Sweaty & Ready

Sweating is a perfectly natural bodily process. It's the body's way of thermo-regulating itself when it gets hot during physical activity or in higher temperature environments.

That being said, there is a bit more to the #sweat spectrum than #rehydration. Many factors can influence how much you need to #hydrate and what might be the best hydration source for you. Some of us are more active sweaters, and some "salty sweaters" (meaning we lose more sodium through our sweat than the average person). Furthermore, the duration or intensity of your workout, as well as temperature conditions can either raise or lower your hydration needs. An hour of hot Bikram yoga can leave you drenched till your underpants, while the same duration of moderate-intensity exercise in an air-conditioned gym may or may not even generate a single droplet.

If your workout doesn't exceed 1 hour and is of moderate intensity, water may be all that you need. However if your workout lasts longer and sweat level is higher, #electrolyte replenishment with beverages and foods rich in minerals like #Potassium may be a better option.

But wait. Before you reach for a neon-colored electrolyte drink, consider the potential hidden sugars and other undesirable additives that may be lurking inside (as well as all of the above). If you are in fact in need of electrolytes, consider foods first, such as fruits and vegetables like leafy greens, bell peppers, bananas, citrus, as well as dairy foods such as milk.

Sweat on baby, sweat on.

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